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UDIM Material

Create Single UDIM

This will create a Single UDIM for the currently selected Polygons on your object.

Setup UDIMs for Object

If you import an object that already has its UVs setup for UDIMS, such as uvs going from 0-1, 1-2, 2-3 etc… then you can use this dialog setup materials for each of the UDIMS and load in all the correct textures for each UDIM based on the file naming convention.

To load in the images for each UDIM you simply select a single texture from disk in a folder that contains all the textures for this object. The texture must have the UDIM number as part of its filename. It must also have the name of the channel which the texture should be assigned to in C4D.

As an example, a file with this filename “Model1006color.tif” will be loaded into the color channel UDIM 1006.

Then any other images in that same folder that will also be loaded onto other UDIM materials in their appropriately named channels.


The first filename of a udim in the folder where all the image are located.

Create New Textures

If enabled, and there is no filename specified, then it will create a new image in the color channel for every UDIM found on the model.

Texture Tokens

These allow you to change the name of the tokens to look for in the filename so that you can map them to a different channel on your material.

Setup Selected

Will create all the UDIM materials on the object. It will create a material and selection tag per UDIM and then assign all the textures found in the directory specified by the sample texture, to their appropriate channels. If no texture was specified and “Create New Textures” is enabled then it will create a new blank texture for the color channel.

Load Textures

If you already have UDIM materials on your model but you have a second list of textures for different channels then you can use this button to just assign all the channels in the specified directory to the already existing UDIM materials on the object.


Close the dialog without doing anything.

UDIM Per UV Island

This will map each separate UV Island on the objects UV Tag to its own new Material.

Each material will be assigned a selection tag containing all the polygon for that udim.

All the UVs for that UDIM will be mapped to the appropriate UDIM space. For instance any polygons on UDIM 1001 will be from 0 to 1. But any UDIMS on 1002 will be from 1 to 2.

UDIM Per Polygon

This is a bonus feature and should be used with great care.

This will create a new Material for EVERY polygon on your object. It will also create a new textures at the resolution specified in the UVPaint Preferences and assign it to the color channel for this object.

Each of the Polygons UVs will be mapped to the UV space for the UDIM. IE polygon 1 will be 0-1 on udim 1001, polygon 2 will be 1-2 on udim 1002, polygon 3 will be 2-3 on udim 1003 etc…

A new Selection tag will be created that assigns the each polygon to its given material.