4D Paint | Painting

The Brushes

There are 3 brushes that come with 4D Publish. Theses brushes all allow for realtime projection painting of stencils and stamps directly in the OpenGL viewport.

The Standard brush also works with Octane and the new Material View to paint directly on the image itself as well as with Vector Images and a new Projection Painting system for new painting workflows.

Paint Brush Standard

Works on any version of C4D.

This is the new brush that works with all versions of Cinema 4D. It will allow you to paint directly onto objects as well as a 2D canvas.

This brush can be used to projection paint a Vector Canvas onto a model. By adding Canvas to the viewport you can paint the image down onto the models beneath it. This gives a similar workflow to the Stencil painting that the sculpt brushes give you.

The Standard brush makes painting stencils and stamps easy by also using the Content View to select your stamp or stencil. By single clicking on an image in the Content View it will set the image as a stamp.

By Ctrl+Clicking it will set the image as a stencil. A new canvas will then be added to your scene to use as the Stencil. The image will be drawn onto the canvas and it will be shown in the viewport ready to be painted onto your models.

You can also paint plain colored strokes onto objects and blend between the color and the intensity of a stencil or stamp.

Paint Brush

Requires the Sculpting System.

This brush is based on the sculpting system and uses the same UI as the sculpting brushes.

It currently offers additional workflows that the Standard brush does not, such as symmetry, edge detection, multi channel painting and more.

But it also has limitations such as it is unable to paint stamps correctly inside single large polygons and works best on objects that have more subdivisions so that the brush its a vertex when painting.

This brush also works best in the BodyPaint layout. It is advised to add this brush and the Paint and Sculpt brush to your own custom BodyPaint layout since it works with the BodyPaint interface directly for changing colors.

Paint and Sculpt Brush

Requires the Sculpting System.

This is a bonus experimental brush. It will allow you to paint and sculpt at the same time. More features will be added to this brush in future updates but for now you can treat this brush as something fun to play with. You will need to do 2 undo’s to undo each brush stroke if you use this brush. Since it applies a sculpt stroke and then a paint stroke afterwards.