Notes on Full Spectrum

Further notes on ocean spectrum models:

The standard empirical model in aaOcean is the 'Phillips' model: (Hanson, J.L., Phillips, O.M., 1999, "Wind sea growth and dissipation in the open ocean", Journal of Physical Oceanography, vol. 29, no. 8, pp. 1633-1648).

Additional models have been developed in more recent years:

Pierson-Moskowitz : This empirical model assumed that if the wind blew steadily for a long time over a large area an ocean, an equilibrium would be reached. This is the concept of a fully developed sea. Here, a long time is roughly ten-thousand wave periods, and a "large area" is roughly five-thousand wave-lengths on a side. The work originally took place in 1964 and saw review in 2003.

TMA : Texel MARSEN ARSLOE is suited for shallow water. (Christopher J. Horvath, "Empirical Directional Wave Spectra for Computer Graphics")"

The Pierson-Moskowitz and TMA models have been integrated into some versions of aaOcean by Phil Stotford - aaOcean for MODO and aaOcean for Blender.