This documentation was written by Mike Abbott. A special thanks goes out to Mike for letting us incorporate this documenation in our system.

For addition information and screen shots you can visit Mikes page here

The source files for the project can be found at https://github.com/kentbarber/c4d-aaOcean

aaOcean is a deformer / shader originally written by Amaan Akram, based on Jerry Tessendorf's 2004 paper on simulating ocean waves.

aaOcean is available as a C4D deformer through the Extensions menu : "aaOceanDeformer", and as an RGB (object) displacement and / or colour shader: "aaOceanShader".

The primary documentation for the original aaOcean shader resides at https://www.amaanakram.com/plugins-shaders/aaocean-suite

The following notes are a consolidation and interpretation of the information above, plus additional information gathered from various sources and implementations of the deformer, all coloured by my own exploration and use of the deformer / shader in C4D.