4D Paint | Painting | Paint Brush

Getting Started

Getting started painting with the Paint Brush is very easy.


  1. Create a sphere
  2. Make it editable
  3. Open the Material View from the 4D Publish Menu,
  4. Make sure the sphere is selected and you will see the UVs for the object in the Material view.
  5. On the left menu click "Create Single Material" in the Standard section.
  6. Select Paint Brush from the 4D Publish Menu.
  7. Start painting on your model.

Using a Stamp

  1. Follow the steps above from Basic
  2. Open the Content View
  3. Left click on any image to use as a stamp, or right click and choose from the menu.
  4. Start painting.

Using Stencils

  1. Follow the steps above from Basic
  2. Open the Content View
  3. Ctrl+Click on any image to use as a stencil.
  4. Start projection painting the material onto your model.

Add Layers from the Material View

  1. Open the Material View
  2. Select the Color channel on the right
  3. On the top left select "Add Layer" from the Layer Command section
  4. Give your layer a name a unique name and press ok.
  5. Ensure the layer is selected on the right.
  6. Start painting
  7. Paint will go onto the new layer
  8. Change its opacity at the top right using the slider
  9. Change its blend mode at the top right from the drop down menu.

Add to the BodyPaint Layout

This brush also works with the BodyPaint UI for changing colors, selecting layers and also multi-channel painting.

  1. Switch to the BP3D Layout
  2. Right click on the interface somewhere and select "Customize Commands"
  3. Type "Paint Brush" into the window.
  4. Drag and Drop the Paint Brush onto your BP3D Layout on the left under the other tools.
  5. Close the Customize dialog.
  6. Save your layout from Window->Customization->Save Layout As.