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Stamp Limitations

Unfortunately due to a limitation in the sculpting system Stamps do not function well within single polygons. That is when the stamp is completely within a polygon and not touching any points at all on the mesh.

For stamps to work correctly they must overlap at least 1 point on the mesh. To work around this limitation you can use the sculpting system to subdivide your model so that you have enough points on the mesh for the brush to hit a point while painting.

Note that this workflow is not required for stencil painting and simply a limitation of the sculpting sdk for Cinema 4D.

  1. Switch to the sculpting tab
  2. Subdivide your model by using the Sculpting Subdivide button to give it more points to work.
  3. When you now paint on your model using a stamp it will hit at least 1 point and the stamps will be placed correctly.
  4. When you are finished painting you can simply delete the sculpt tag from your model.