4D Paint | Painting | Paint Brush


  1. Advanced Material View
  2. UDIM workflow support
  3. Content View designed specifically for Texturing and Sculpting workflows.
  4. Camera View to speed up navigating your scene with custom views.
  5. A Real-Time Projection Painting Brush to paint directly in the OpenGL Viewport
  6. Paint with Stencils
  7. Paint with Stamps
  8. Use any Cinema 4D Material as a Stencil or Stamp
  9. Use all the Sculpting Symmetry features
  10. Fill all UV Islands with a random color per island
  11. Fill all UV Islands with the current color
  12. Fill selected polygon
  13. Use Fill Modes to project Stencils onto Geometry
  14. Restrict Painting to only the selected Polygons
  15. Quick Fill Polygons with Stencils or Color
  16. Edge Detection is supported for filling
  17. Paint onto the selected Layer(or Mask) in BodyPaint
  18. Paint into Multiple Channels Simultaneously
  19. Use the selected colors specified in BodyPaint
  20. Sculpt and Paint at the same time
  21. Mix Surface Textures using a Fusion Shader and Mask Image
  22. Update the Relief Object in real - time while painting
  23. Paint onto Multiple Materials
  24. A post Bleed operation to fix up uv seams
  25. Support for Wacom Tablets