4D Paint | Painting


The paint tools are designed to streamline and improve your workflows when working with multiple materials, UDIMS, texturing, sculpting and painting.

The new Paint Brush Standard tool is the newest tool in the toolbox. This will let you paint without requiring the Sculpting System. It also supports painting a Vector Graphics Canvas onto your model like a Stencil, Stamp painting as well as octane painting.

Going forward this Standard brush will eventually take over the functionality of the other two brushes, described next. This brush should be seen as the main brush to use when painting as all future workflows will revolve around this. But because this brush does not do everything the other 2 do then they are also included.

For Studio or BodyPaint users you can also use the "Paint Brush" and the "Paint and Sculpt" brush. These also contain real-time projection painting built on top of the sculpting system. It works with the BodyPaint interface and allows you to paint on any layer or mask that is selected in BodyPaint.