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Object Tab

Jet Fluids Scene

The scene that the solver should look to for colliders and emitters. If no scene is linked then it will look at its parent in the Object Manager to see if it is a scene and if found will use that scenes linked colliders and emitters.


The number of frames to simulate.

Match Timeline

Sets the Length to be the same as the current timeline.

Size X

The width of the domain.

Size Y

The height of the domain.

Size Z

The depth of the domain.

Cell Size

The size of the voxel cell within the fluid domain. The number of cells in the fluid domain is determined based on the Size X value.

As an example: If the Size X is set to 200 and the Cell Size is set to 4, then the number of cells will be 50. IE 200 / 4 = 50.

Gravity On

Enables/Disables the effect of Gravity on the fluid during the simulation.


Specifies the strength, and direction, of the gravity force on the fluid. By default this is set to -9.81 in the Y direction.

Use Compressed Linear System

Viscosity Coefficient

Increasing this value will make the fluid more viscous. Higher values will lead to higher computation times for each simulated frame.

Global Compensation

When enabled it will attempt to maintain the same volume of fluid during the simulation. When simulating fast moving fluids it can have a tendency to dissapate at the boundaries of the domain. By enabling this it will try to avoid this.

LevelSet Solver Type

Fast Maching Method