Jet Fluids

Caching Externally

  1. Select the "LevelSet Solver".
  2. Switch to the Cache Tag.
  3. Set the Cache Mode to "External".
  4. In Cache Filename give your output files a name such as "output". When the files are saved they will be saved as output_00001.c4d, output_00002.c4d etc...
  5. If you want to export VDB files instead then you can switch to the "Display" tab and change from Mesh type to Volume. Now the out files will be output_00001.vdb, output_00002.vdb etc...
  6. Save your C4D scene in a new folder on your computer. If your scene is not saved then it will not be able to write the files out to disk since it won't know where to put them.
  7. On the Cache tab press the "Start Caching" button.
  8. The simulation will begin caching and the files will be output to disk. You will see the live preview of the simulation in the viewport as it is caching. If for some reason you have stability issues you can uncheck the "Live Viewport Previews" checkbox.
  9. When the scene has finished caching you can press play in the timeline to see the end result. This will load in all the cached c4d, or vdb, frames of your simulation in real time as you scrub backwards and forwards in the timeline.