R17, R18 and R19

Marker View

Open the Marker View to add and edit Animation Markers.

Content View

Open the Content View to select images for painting with stamps and stencils, loading mega scans and changing HDR Texture Connection images.

Layer View

Open the Layer View and doc it in your layout. Use this to select what layer to paint on with the Paint Brushes.

Material View

Open the Material View to create new materials, add layers, work with UDIMS and paint onto your objects.

Paint Brush

The Sculpting based Paint Brush

Paint Brush And Sculpt

A beta brush that can paint and sculpt at the same time.

Paint Brush Standard

The universal standard paint brush that will work with all versions of Cinema 4D and does not require the sculpting system.

Reload All Textures

This is not a 4D Publish feature. It is a standard Cinema 4D command that has been added to this menu for convenience.

Tells OpenGL to reload all of its textures. This can be useful in situations where for some reason OpenGL has not been able to initialize and they may be appearing black in your viewport.

Bake AO

Bake ambient occlusion maps for all your Polygonal Objects in your scene.

Windows Only

Select Baked Vertex Maps

Select all the Baked Ambient Occlusion vertex maps in the scene.

Windows Only

Create Bake Materials

Create a new material for every object that has BakeAO vertex map for ambient occlusion.

Windows Only

VR Viewer (Beta)

Open the HTC Vive Viewer dialog.

Windows Only

Sculpt Animator Object

Animate the sculpting layers on a sculpted object.

Sculpt Projection Brush

Project a sculpt object down onto objects that have a Sulpt Collider Tag.

Duplicate Sculpt Layer

Duplicates the currently selected layer on a sculpted object.

Draw Objects

Quickly draw procedural primitives directly into your scene.

Show Help

Displays this help.