Plugins 4D Manager

This new plugin manager will allow you to manage your existing plugins, licence them via Bundle keys, Patreon keys as well as individually if you don't have either of these.


When you purchased from Plugins 4D you may have either purchased one of the edition bundles, 4D Paint, 4D Publish, Basic or Pro, or you may have chosen to purchase an individual plugin.

If you purchased a bundle then its bundle name will appear at the top of the Plugins 4D Manager dialog. Otherwise it will say "Individual Licenses".

Bundle Key

If you purchased a Bundle for Plugins 4D then you will have recieved a licence key.

Patreon Key

If you purchased a licence for an individual plugin then you will have recieve a licence key.

Activate new plugin

If a plugin is not part of your bundle, or you are purchasing separately, then you can activate the plugin by clicking on the "Activate" text.

You will then need to enter in the Key, that was emailed to you when you purchased, into the licence dialog.


Grouped Preferences

In the Edit->Preferences->Plugins 4D menu all the addition preferences, for any of our other plugins, will be grouped underneath this same menu for easier management of all your settings.

Hide/Show the Plugins 4D Menu

Plugins 4D Menu

It will add a menu to C4D called "Plugins 4D" where all your active plugins will add their items to.

From this menu you can open the Plugins 4D Manager. This will list all the plugins you have downloaded, see if they are part of a Bundle, the version number and if they are currently active.

From the Plugins 4D menu you will also have access to the Help via the Show Help menu item.