What's New

New Features In 1.8

Material View

Painting & Layer View

Additional Reflection Layer Textures

The layer view now supports all textures on the reflection channel, this includes the following...

Right Click Menu Changes

Rename Layer On All Materials

Rename this layer and also rename all the layers with the same name, for this channel, on all material on this model. Currently not supported for Reflection Channel.

Rename Single Layer

Rename the selected layer.

Add Layer Above

Add a new layer above the selected layer. If you want to add a named layer over all your materials on the current object then you can use the "Add Layer" menu command from the Material View.

Add Layer Below

Add a new layer below the selected layer.


Vector Graphics

Remapping Textures

New Remap Textures features have been added to a Canvas. Draw and drop objects onto a canvas, store their uvs, move and scale uvs on the canvas, then remap all textures on all layers, to a new materials with layers & textures having the dimensions of the canvas.


Fix for Visualize and Broadcast editions of C4D

4D Paint Preferences

Options to turn off the parsing of the content libraries, and user libraries, for the Content View.