4D Publish

Export Tag

Right Click on an object to add an Export Tag.

Export Animation

Add to an object to tell the exporter to export out its animation even if it does not have any animation tracks on it directly. This tag allows you to export out animation for an object that might be animated via xpresso, vibrate tag or some other feature.

Export Object

You can add this tag an object to tell it not to export out to 3D PDF. This is useful situations where you might have objects in your scene specifically for rendering purposes, but you do not want them exported.

Export Object Children

Allow you to tell the exporter not to export out any of an objects Children. This is useful in cases where you might have a null object that has children that you do not want to be exported out, but would like them in your renders. By adding this tag to the null object and turning this option off, it will skip all the child objects when exporting.