What's New

New Features In 1.6


The Bullet Physics Engine has been added to 4D Publish.

Sculpt Projection Brush

A new Sculpting Brush has been added to that lets your project your sculpt object down onto an underlying object under the model. By adding a Cloth Collider Tag to any object, you can then use that object with the brush to project your detail onto. This allows you, as an example, to place a sphere where the eye of a character would be and then project the sculpting onto the sphere to create its shape for the eye

Material View

Sculpting Section

Right Click on Layers

Right Click in Material Tab

Material View Bug Fixes

Content View

Increased the thumbnail resolution for images to 512x512


Added Undo/Redo update support in the Live View when painting.

Draw Objects

A tool has been added to allow you to quickly draw in many of the procedural primitives directly into your scene. With an easy to use multi click and drag approach you can easily create a quick scene using many of the c4d primitives

Paint Brush

Speed Increases

Many parts of the painting pipeline have now been optimized and multithreaded. This leads to smoother, faster brushes that are able to work on higher bitmap resolutions and with more layers.


Due to a stability issue we had to remove the Undo/Redo for changing the selected layer.

Team Render Client Support

You can now use 4D Publish on all your Team Render Clients. No additional licences required.

VR Viewer

Preview Window

The preview window is now 640x640 and only displays the image for the left eye.

Controller 1: Inspect Objects

Use your trigger finger to inspect objects in the scene. Just point at the object and press the trigger button to grab the object and see it on the end of the controller. You can then rotate it around to look at your object. When your finished just click the trigger button again to put it back where you got it from.

Controller 2: Teleporting

You can now teleport around your scene. Just point your controller where you want to be standing and then press the trigger button. You will instantly be taken to that location.

Bug Fixes

Animation Support

The VR viewer is now synced to the animation play back in Cinema 4D. It respects object scale, rotation and position of objects as well as animated objects such as those with deformers as well as skinned characters.

Tool System

A new tool activation system has been added to the VR Viewer. In Cinema 4D you can now apply tags to specify objects as tools or commands in Cinema 4D. This allows you to have a button in VR to start/stop the animation play back in C4D itself.

You can also apply tools to shapes on a canvas, which you can then apply to any object in your scene. By clicking on the shapes in VR it will activate the tools or commands. In this case imagine a wall with a giant "Play" button that you can fire at to start the play back of the animation in your scene.