3D PDF Publishing.

Quickly export a scene as a PDF, or choose to design a multi-page interactive experience. Whatever you need you now have the tools to do it.

4D Publish comes with a simple file export system to easily export your scene out to a PDF document with security and permissions.

It also comes with an advanced Page Designer which gives you the ability to create a multi-page PDF documents complete with buttons to trigger animations. Easily render camera thumbnails, support takes, change rendering and lighting styles all with a simple and easy to use Vector Graphics system making PDF exporting a powerful new tool to share content with clients.

Vector Graphics

A brand new Vector Graphics system has been added to allow you to design images using tools that you will find familiar with other packages. Create many different shapes, change line styles, fill with color, images, shaders, render camera views to rectangles and much more.

Animated Vector Graphics

Once you are done designing your image you can then animate all aspects of it, including moving, rotating, changing line styles and resizing. Then using the Vector Image Shader you can apply this image to any object in your scene for some new animated texture workflows.

New Painting System

3 new paint brushes have been added, including the Standard brush which will work in all versions of C4D.

Paint directily in the OpenGL viewport onto any PolygonObject in your scene using stamps, stencils and colors. Easily change the Stamp or Stencil using the new Content View.

Projection Painting

Project Stencils directly onto a Polygon Object with a single click. Also project any Vector Image you have created.

Content View for Images and more

A special view for interacting with textures in C4D. Use any image, from all your libraries you have in C4D, as a Stencil or Stamp. Work with MegaScans, custom Stamp and Stencil folders and also change the image to use for all your Texture Connection HDR tags.

Material View for painting

A new system for working with Materials, Channels and Layers in C4D, including new powerful features for working with multiple materials. Create new layers on multiple materials, extract all textures from selected polygons and create new materials maintaining the existing layer structure. Paint over multiple materials, advanced filling and material creation, support for UDIMS including importing UDIMS and automatic texture creation and assignment.

Marker View

Manage your animation Markers and use them to specify your animation ranges for PDF exporting using Buttons to trigger the animations.

SVG Support

Load SVG files directly in to C4D, including the ability to drag and drop onto materials and layers to render them at the full size of the layer.

Dicom Support

Load DICOM images directly into C4D.

VR Viewer

Quickly view your models using an HTC Vive

Baking Ambient Occlusion

Easily create Ambient Occlusion Vertex Maps.

HDR Texture Connections

Change multiple textures in your scene for HDR rendering and Environment maps using the Content View and the new Texture Connection Tags.