4D Publish | Tips for small file sizes

More Tips

Keep Textures Sizes Small

If you are using textures and your resulting file is too large then try setting the Channel Sampling Size to a lower value.

If you have the Use Actual Textures option enabled then this will be using textures at their exact dimensions. Disable this option if you wish to sample the textures.

Reduce the number of materials

If you have a scene with hundreds of materials then they will all have their channels sampled and added to the document.

Remove Texture Tags

If you don’t need textures on an object then just set the objects color and remove its Texture and UV Tags.

Subdivision Surfaces / HyperNURBS

Exporting uses the Editor ‘Subdivision Editor’ level when exporting. Keep this low to ensure a small file. Disabling of Subdivision Surfaces it not currently supported. A value of 1 is the lowest you can use. Setting it to 0 will disable the object.