4D Publish

PRC File Format

The PRC File Format is the file format that is embedded into the PDF document.

The PRC format currently supports all Polygonal and Procedural objects and will take the state of your scene at the current time, this means it will also take into account all deformers on your objects.

Support for Mograph, Array, Atom Array, Boolean, Boole ,Connect, Symmetry, Metaball and Instanced Objects.

It also supports XParticles when generating geometry. Turn on “Render Instances” for smaller files sizes.

There is support for exporting of all textures and shaders. Shaders are sampled according to user settings and the textures can be told to be directly included at their given resolution. It supports Color, Specular, Environment, Luminance and Alpha Channels as well as a simple transparency option.

This screenshot shows simple transparency at work on the table.

All UV projection types are supported as are the tiling settings for UVs. Multiple UV maps per Polygon Object are also supported.

Phong Tag normals are also supported.

Note: 4D Publish currently does not support mixing multiple materials per polygon.