Vector Graphics

Project Image

Quick Start

  1. Create a Sphere (or use any other polygon object)
  2. Make sure it editable
  3. Open the Material View
  4. With the Polygon Object selected the UVs will display in the Material View
  5. Right click on the UVs
  6. Select New Material (a color channel is automatically added)
  7. Right Click and select “Paint All” to ensure the material is ready to be painted on.
  8. Create a canvas
  9. Design your canvas with shapes or simply set a background image for it
  10. Enable Transparent Background on the Object tab of the Canvas if you need to
  11. Switch to the Viewport tab of the canvas
  12. Press “Display in Viewport”
  13. Lower the Opacity so you can see through it
  14. Position the canvas over sphere
  15. Press the Project Image button
  16. If you projected onto the top of the sphere it will have seams. Press the “Bleed” button next to the Project Image button to remove the seams from the model.
  17. On the canvas viewport tab press “Clear Viewport” to remove the canvas.

Painting with a Canvas

Additional Steps for Painting with Brushes

  1. Make sure the canvas is still in the viewport
  2. Select the “Paint Brush Standard” tool
  3. Make sure you have the Sphere (or Polygon Object) selected in the Object Manager.
  4. Start painting by clicking and dragging in the viewport where the canvas is over the sphere
  5. It will project the paint down onto the model.
  6. If you see no painting make sure to enable the materials for painting by right clicking on the material in the Material View and choosing Paint All.